Who we are and what we do

We prune the trees, and harvest the fruits

We clear the scrub, and nip off shoots

We keep ponds clear, and fences sound

We look out for wildlife, where bugs abound


We coppice the Ash, and the Hazel too

We try not to burn it, sometimes we have to

We manage the land, we preserve and sustain

We Flail and Mow, often in the rain


 Fun with Easter Egg Hunts, Craft Fairs as well

Plum Picks and Apple Pressings - the juice we sell

School Visits and Team Building Days

A visit to Field Barn is sure to amaze

                     New Volunteers Welcome

Volunteers meet on Tuesdays from 09.30 am until 1.00 pm. All tools, equipment and materials are supplied. A wide range of jobs need doing so there is something for all abilities and skills. It is a great opportunity to get some exercise in the fresh air whilst putting something back into the community. Anyone who wishes to get involved is very welcome. Safe working practice, with social distancing, is being actively managed.

                 What our volunteers tell us about their experiences

From Brian. 'There is always something to catch the eye if you like wildlife. This year it is the friendly Buzzard, but the swallows always make the Summer.
 Cheers  B 


 Working at the Trust is so varied. No need for the Gym or Pilates, my pelvic floor is great, it's all the other bits that suffer. Anon

I greatly enjoyed working with the children Apple pressing. Their enthusiasm washing the apples and tossing them into the Scratter was great. It was a real team effort with lots of volunteers turning up to help. Some had to rush off to the orchards to restock supplies of apples. Working as a team is fun and it is very rewarding giving kids a chance to explore something new.  Gina

“When I was asked to help with the education visits I thought I would be involved in talking to the children on the actual visit days about apple pressing or other aspects of volunteering in the garden and orchards; I never thought I would be updating and designing the pages of the trust’s website.   With the help of another of our volunteers, Matt, who looks after the Website and Facebook page, I have become far more confident with this modern technology!" Linda

Upcoming events


Saturday 6th April 10.30 - MIDDAY

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