Feedback and Comment will be useful to help us market our visits with quotes and even photographs.  We can find ut what is good and not so good about our facilities and the best parts of our programmes and also it will help us to improve weaker area.  We can respond to feedback to develop better relationships with our clients.

We welcome your feedback which will be discussed by the Trustees. We will seek to address any areas of concern promptly and will contact the teacher in charge to discuss any scores less than 3.  Our aim is to make your visits enjoyable, informative and safe. Our aim is to continually improve our sessions and your feedback will help us to do this by listening to your comments.

Please complete the feedback form and return to us after your visit. If the Children have done any further work on their visits, pictures, stories etc we would love you to share them with us.

If you have any serious concerns please contact us immediately so that we can discuss and take appropriate action.

Gina Carr



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Upcoming events

                 Free Days Out

Thursday 30th May

Community Bioblitz 10.30am-2pm

Friday 31st May

Exploring Orchards 10.30am - 2pm

Orchard Trails, local refreshments,

historical tours of a heritage orchard, creative crafts and learn all about wildlife and cratures that live in the orchards.



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