Visits from Pebworth First School


Pebworth First School paid their second visit to Field Barn on the 7 June on a very rainy morning.  Despite this the children spent time in the Orchards finding their fruit trees and comparing them with the dormant state in November.  



Mrs Carr, one of the Trustees, explained to the children about 'fruit set' and how the weather influenced the amount and quality of fruit we might expect to harvest.  They spent some time observing the wild flowers, identifying the various parts. 

In the indoor classroom they completed the new name tags for the trees which volunteers will hang on the trees ready for their next visit,  when they will be able to pick fruit and see how apple pressing is done. There had been some discussion about aphids and once back in the classroom in Pebworth the children were delighted to spot a greenfly on a dog rose and see it  magnified in all its glory!!


On Thursday 15th November, Birch Class went to the Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust. Before we went, we had carried out map work looking at co-ordinates and compared it with Google maps where we explored different routes from Pebworth First School to Cleeve Prior. Working out the scale was a little tricky but we applied our maths skills purposefully to work out how many kilometres each route covered. Impressively, TJ was able to remember directions based on the routes studied on the maps.
We also decorated wooden plaques with the names of apple and pear trees, such as Discovery, Charles Ross and Prolific, then on arrival, we used a plan to locate and label our chosen tree. We learnt some differences between an apple and pear tree by looking at the bark and the distance between the buds. We also learnt that rabbits can eat the barks of apple trees, saw how ivy can damage a tree and found out why fruit trees are planted in straight lines in an orchard. Furthermore, we made observational drawings of our trees in order to look at seasonal changes when we return in the spring or summer to draw the same trees. As it was a clear, sunny day, we were able to spot “Dover’s Hill” in the distance when stood on higher ground up some wooden steps.
In the “secret” wood, we located squirrel dreys and there was also a lot of excited, or was it nervous, screeching when spiders were spotted in our bug-hunting!

Thank you Mr Taylor and Mrs Carr for inviting us and for your help. Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust – we will be back!


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