NATURE WALK – The Greenlink

The greenlink as it passes through the community orchard at Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust The Greenlink
The Greenlink Map The Greenlink Map

The Greenlink is a circuit of footpaths which link the green places in the Village.


Quarry Lane









Head South from the Millennium Hall along the old driftway that is Quarry Lane and you see a very old hedge to your left. Records show that is dates back to at least 1772. 

Quarry Lane











Follow the lane until you come across a plank bridge and kissing gate to your right. Go through and turn to your left past the viewing ridge and you will see our Millennium Green ahead of you.

The greenlink as it passes through the community orchard at Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust The Millennium Green

Blue Lias stone was quarried here for centuries. They dug out small pits to mine the stone: filling in behind them as they went. The remnants of two lime kilns survive by the 5 bar gate.

Walk diagonally across the hay meadow to the next 5 bar gate and take the ash path to the right towards the Evesham road. Enjoy views of the distant Cotswolds on the way.  Turn left along the road and follow it until you see the Field Barn sign on your right.


The greenlink as it passes through the community orchard at Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust Field Barn Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust

 Just Past the Barn there is another 5 bar gate where the Greenlink continues in the Community Orchard. This contains 400 trees of many varieties of Plums, Damsons and Apple trees all tended for by our trusty volunteers. Here you may be lucky enough to see Pyramid Orchids if it is the right time of year.


The greenlink as it passes through the community orchard at Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust Community Orchard







Halfway into the orchard on your left, past the old Trout Farm ponds and the Big Mound, the Greenlink continues through glades and scrub to the stile leading to the old Roman trackway where you should take a right turn heading North, with the steep wooded slope of the Nature Reserve on your left and Badger sets on your right. There are superb views of the Avon valley along this Bridle Path (passing the Traveller sites to your right). Look for a stile that will take you right, along a Cherry tree Plum hedge that will end up back at the Evesham Road.







Heading left towards the Village on the footpath you will see a sign to Earl’s Lane Wood; which is 4.3 acres of Ash, Field Maple and some Oak. Enjoy your ramble through these woods, and the views of hills in the distance. Once through the woods take the diagonal path to the right across the Meadow heading for the Lime Kiln and through the field gate back onto Quarry Lane.

Head straight across the Lane and into the Forest School Field, that was Quarry Ground. You might like to visit the Sanctuary to your left just before you reach the stile ahead of you. It has an arched gateway. Take time to witness the almost holy atmosphere enjoyed by the wildlife too.


The Sanctuary

Follow the footpath beyond the stile heading towards the school; then over the next stile, across the playing field, left up Main Street, and you are back where you started.


The Volunteers at Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust maintain all of these facilities for the enjoyment of present and future generations of Villagers.


We are charged with maintaining this as a special place for the future use of local people. Although having no regular income, our financing coming from grants, we have to rely on the support of local benefactors; you could help.


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