Who we are and what we do


We are 5 Trustees and 12 volunteers who have no financial interest in the charity that is Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust.


We manage the parcels of land vested in the Charities Commission on behalf of, and for the enjoyment of, present and future generations of Villagers.


We prune the trees, and harvest the fruits

We clear the scrub, and nip off shoots

We keep ponds clear, and fences sound

We look out for wildlife, where bugs abound


We coppice the Ash, and the Hazel too

We try not to burn it, sometimes we have to

We manage the land, we preserve and sustain

We Flail and Mow, often in the rain


 Fun with Easter Egg Hunts, Craft Fairs as well

Plum Picks and Apple Pressings - the juice we sell

School Visits and Team Building Days

A visit to Field Barn is sure to amaze


Upcoming events

Drop In Day

Saturday 21st September

View th Hovel, Orchard tours & Apple Pressing Historical walks into the village.

11am - 4pm 

Refreshments available


Apple Pressing Day

Sunday 6th October

We will be pressing apples from our orchards or bring your own. Please bring your own plastic bottles for freezing.

Starting at 10.30 am



Visit us

Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust

Field Barn
Evesham Rd  
Cleeve Prior,

 WR11 8JX



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